Plate Mosa Maastricht Jef Schijns Design

Plate Mosa Maastricht Jef Schijns Design


Brand: Mosa Maastricht

Design by: Jef Schijns

Style: Folk

Description: Design of Jef Schijns for Mosa Maastricht around 1960. This collection follows the Nordic folk style and is many times confused with the similar artists like Bjorn Wiinblad. It adds up to the amazing history of vintage pieces in this style. In Sweden they had Gustavsberg with Stig Lindberg design, in Norway Figgjo Flint had Turi Gramstad Oliver and Finland had Arabia with, for example, Raija Liisa Uosikkinen for the collection "Matin Matka". 

Measures: 9 cm x 9 cm

Stockist: Den Haag, the Netherlands

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