Hedgehog Money Box Briglin Studio Pottery

Hedgehog Money Box Briglin Studio Pottery


Description: This money box comes in the form of a hedgehog. A very cute and functional piece of pottery. Money slot is on the back of the hedgehog. No cover for the plug hole.

Studio: Briglin Pottery

History: “The Briglin Pottery was a studio pottery founded in 1948 by Brigitte Goldschmidt and Eileen Lewenstein in the basement of premises at 66 Baker Street, London. Its object was "to produce well designed, attractive pots that could be used in the home, and to sell them at affordable prices." It produced a large quantity of domestic pottery, much of it recognisable from its dark earthenware body, muted colours, white glaze and wax resist designs. In some ways Briglin was atypical of post-war studio potteries: it made tin-glazed earthenware when most others were making stoneware, it employed staff at the time when most studio potters worked alone or with a few assistants, and its pottery and shop were in the West End of London when many potters preferred the country.”

Made in: London, England

Years: Studio functioned between 1948 and 1990

Condition: Very good. This item is handmade, therefore is normal to see some imperfections.

Measures: approx. 7 cm x 7 cm x 8cm.

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