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Sofia Lima & Sara Lima 

We, Sofia Lima (33) and Sara Lima (27), are sisters born and raised in Portugal. Both of us studied Arts & Design in ESAP, Portugal.

Although with some age difference and with different years of graduation, 2007 and 2012, both of us had a very similar path since University. Filled with lots of travels, youth projects, activism in environmental and social subjects and most important for this story, both leaving our hometown after graduating and having our first homes. One went to Porto, Portugal in 2007 and the other to Den Haag, the Netherlands in 2013.

We are passioned about arts, decor and design. Since we were little our parents always gave us the freedom to explore our identity. This was definitely clear in our rooms. Growing up, our own rooms were always product of experimentation, planning and changes. “Go clean your room” normally meant moving furniture around or dismantle another (sometimes with parenting help, others not that much) and just trying new decoration styles.

When in need for inspiration or better vibes in the house or in our lives, changing the space was our therapy (and in that time we didn’t know a thing about Feng Shui), possibly because we were doing something that was making us inspired and that we loved.

Now, we are building our future and lives with the persons we love and our homes show our stories: where we came from, the places we went and where we are going to.

Having our own homes, marked the time that we exponentially started to deeper explore our creativity, independence and private space. We made our homes a true decor playground.

What about the name, you may wonder? 


When we launched the store our grandfather and idol had just passed way. The name of the shop is a small homage to him.

His first name, “Luís”, followed by “Viajante” (traveller in Portuguese). The word “Viajante” is linked with his beginning of adult life and career, travelling in business (in a profession that no longer exist, “caixeiro-viajante” in Portuguese). Was also this profession that made him be one of the founders of an association related to this job. This Association was one of many products of his associative soul and also part of the last homage on his goodbye.

We are travellers too, and the objects we sell are themselves products of journeys of revival, from different places and heritage.

Our grandfather always helped us in our creations and was the one going from one place to another in order to make things happen, going always and only to traditional commerce. He knew all the artisans and craftsmen and, without no pressure or obligation, this made a huge impact on the way we relate to objects and their true value.

So here you have dear grandfather, it’s you!… In our lives, minds, heart and business. With your values, your spirit and the things you cherish and love. Forever.