Midwinter Stonehenge England 'Moon' Coffee Set (Set of 7 pieces)

Midwinter Stonehenge England 'Moon' Coffee Set (Set of 7 pieces)


Brand: Midwinter

Collection: Moon

Made in: England

Designer: Eve Midwinter

Description: The pattern 'Moon' came together with ‘Sun’ and ‘Earth’ in March 1973. Nowadays is considered one of the most iconic Stonehenge patterns to be released. Midwinter Stonehenge Moon was designed by Eva Midwinter. It has alternating circles of blue and black.

History: "W. R. Midwinter Ltd was under the leadership of Roy Midwinter during the 1950s and early 60s. In 1968 the firm merged with J & G Meakin Ltd. Then in 1970 Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd acquired both companies but kept the individual company names. The Stonehenge line was designed by Roy Midwinter with patterns designed by Eve Midwinter and Jessie Tait. The Midwinter Stonehenge dinnerware has an earthy, rustic look to it." 

Measures: approximate numbers
Coffee cups - ∅ 6 cm; height 6 cm
Coffee Pot - height 17 cm, width (with handle) - 19 cm.
Sugar Pot - height 9 cm
Milk Jug - height 8 cm, width (with handle) - 12 cm.

Material: Stoneware

Condition: In great pre-owned/vintage condition, without chips, cracks or crazing. 

Stockist: Den Haag

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