Arabia 'Ruska' Finland, Creamer / Milk Jug

Arabia 'Ruska' Finland, Creamer / Milk Jug


Brand: Arabia Finland

Pattern: 'Ruska' series

Design: Ulla Procopé in 1960 (1921-1968), who worked for Arabia from 1948 to 1968.

Year: Production of 'Ruska'  started in 1968 and was discontinued in 1999.

Material: Stoneware

Description: The stoneware 'Ruska' (Autumn Colours in Finnish) range is among Arabia's most successful lines. It is praised by its beauty and considered to be one the most versatile series of Scandinavian modern cookware, dinnerware and tableware. Its attractiveness lies as much in the unique, mottled stoneware glaze, giving each piece an individual 'hand made' appearance, as in the highly sophisticated and well-conceived shapes. The concept of 'oven to tableware' emerged in the late 1950's and Arabia introduced specially designed cooking and serving dishes in oven-proof, good looking enough to be part of a dinner table setting. Ruska dishes can be used for serving, heating, braising, baking or even store it in the freezer.

Measures: width 12 cm (including handle and spout) Ø 9cm; height 7 cm

Stockist: Porto, Portugal

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