Formosa Oporto Tourist Apartment

It’s time to properly present you another side project and collaboration with Luís Viajante. 

Our crush for vintage, classics and decor extends also to buildings and spaces, so when someone showed me a neglected and abandoned space in a typical early 50’s building, with stucco work on the ceiling, it was love at first site. I shared the idea with my partner, and so the adventure began.

Porto reborn and reshaped as a city in the last years. We saw the location, the personality of the house and the opportunity, and the sum of the equation was simple: besides our own enjoyment, we have to share the apartment for those who want to feel Porto's experience.  
The apartment needed a freshen up (it used to be an office), so there’s a ton of effort, but mostly, a labor of love on it.
We are restless minds so we are never satisfied with its look or conveniences and because of that it's always changing and evolving. Don't be surprised if you come back and everything is different. Most of all, we hope you feel comfortable and enjoy it as much as we do.


Because this adventure is so connected to the same values of Luís Viajante project, we decided to combine both projects, making the house a live showroom of our online shop. This means that part of the stock lives in the apartment, what means that almost everything you see is for sale! The aesthetic and period of the apartment gave us the perfect background for using our pieces, to showcase and photograph them. If you want to buy an object, decor item or piece of furniture, it can indeed be yours after the staying, you just need to let us know.

The apartment is located right in the heart of the city. And it's just a few steps away from one of its most famous landmarks, Aliados.

There’s subway/tram, train, bus, boats at a walking distance. All the main monuments and must-sees, restaurants, bars/pubs and discos, supermarkets, malls, pharmacies. Everything can be done at a walking distance. There are beaches a few minutes away (Porto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia), in this case using transports (train, metro, car or bus).

The house accommodates 5 people (adults).
Our huge master bedroom has a double bed; then there's a single bed - good for parents that have kids! - in a “mini-room” connected to the master bedroom and the hall. In the open space of dining, living and kitchen area there's a couch that converts into a double bed.

We love to cook and entertain so the kitchen is fully equipped.
Some vinyl records, radio (and even cassettes) can be listened to and you have the modern conveniences of wi-fi and sound system to plug your gadgets.
We are parents ourselves and have an amazing little human so it’s obviously a baby friendly house, you can ask us a baby bed and a feeding chair (with belts and tray) all free of charge.

We will be posting pictures, details, and news about our apartment so be sure to stay close. :)

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See you in Porto,

Sofia Lima