Repair Manifesto

As you can understand by our manifest, there are principles that are very important and dear to us.

One of the things we try to "fight" is the "Planned obsolescence" (creating a product with a limited useful life, made not to last).

This is one of the reasons why we love so many vintage pieces, they were planned and design to last, in opposite with modern products.

Another way to avoid this planned obsolescence is trying to repair/fix our stuff, instead of just through it way, even if sometimes it seems harder or not that cheaper (although most of the times is still cheaper to fix, consumerism just tries to make us believe it isn't).

The Repair Manifest summarizes all of this in the perfect way and gives some seduction to the process of repairing things.

It was created by the dutch Platform 21 and translated in various languages. It's an amazing poster to print and put in your office, home or workplace.

Here you have it:

sofia lima