Lang Lijs Tea Set

Lang Lijs Tea Set


Tea Set Lang Lijs (with flaws, please see condition section and photos)

Original: Maastricht, Netherlands

Date: 1960's

History: Lang Lijs is the name for a decoration that was frequently used on Maastricht's pottery of the Mosa company in Maastricht at the end of the 19th, early 20th century. The crockery with typical blue and white decoration in Chinoiserie is a popular collectable item.

Condition: Presents marks of ageing. The teapot is broken in two spots inside, as can be seen in the photo, this is not visible once you put the lid. Milk jug handle was glued but is not very noticeable, can be seen in the last photo. Some pieces have hairline crazing (hairline only on glaze).

Measures: Tea Pot - height 21 cm, Ø 11 cm, Milk Jug and Sugar Pot - height 7 cm, Ø 8 cm. (approximate).

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