Rustic Tremar Pottery Cornwall Tea Cup and Saucer (set of 2)

Rustic Tremar Pottery Cornwall Tea Cup and Saucer (set of 2)


Stamp: “Tremar U.K.”

Description: “Tremar Pottery is named after the village it was made in, situated in East Cornwall.  It was started in the early 1960’s by Roger and Doreen Birkett, and sadly had closed by the early 1980’s like many other potteries of this period. The style of Tremar Pottery pays tribute to Cornwall’s Celtic past, and it has an ancient looking or Celtic charm to it. Likewise – if you had to design pottery perfect for Bilbo Baggins and Hobbits I think this would be it! Tremar Pottery is earthy, rustic and charming – but at the same time shows a high level of craftsmanship. Most pieces seem to have been slip cast, but have the appearance of being thrown by hand. The work is lovely to the touch, with very smooth, very matt glazes, and demonstrates knowledgable and confident use of pattern, colour, form and decoration. Their first few years production was of domestic ware which catered to a tourist market, and by the 1970’s it was being produced from 3 sites.” (info found in)

Measures: Cups: approx. height 7 cm; width 10,5 cm (including the handle) Ø 7 cm. Saucer: Ø 13,5 cm

Condition: It is in perfect vintage condition

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