Portuguese White Porcelain Teapot

Portuguese White Porcelain Teapot


Description: Portuguese White Porcelain Teapot (without lid)

Brand: Eléctrica do Candal

Measures: 14cm height; maximum length 22.5cm; top Ø 7cm; base Ø 6.5cm

History: The company “Electro-Cerâmica” started in 1912 when Joaquim Pereira Ramos founded a manual workshop for the manufacture of electrical equipment in Lisbon. Having problems in obtaining in a regular base porcelain pieces for the fabrication of electric equipment, he decided to acquire a small ceramic production unit, located in Quinta das Regatas, in Candal, Vila Nova de Gaia.

The factory starts working in 1914 and two years after, Joaquim Pereira Ramos transfers the entire company to Candal, borning “Empresa Electro-Cerâmica LDa.”, dissolved in 1919, gives rise to Empresa Electro-Cerâmica SARL.

Around 1930, the factory starts the manufacture of decorative and utilitarian tableware and in 1935, in a partnership with “Vista Alegre”, acquires the “Sociedade Porcelanas de Coimbra” being called in that period “Sociedade de Porcelanas Lda.”.

The Group is thus responsible, directly or indirectly, for all the porcelain production in the country, until the appearance of new competitors, in the years after the War.

During the Second World War, the Electro-Ceramic Company, like others in Portugal, went through enormous economic difficulties, being acquired in 1945 by the Vista Alegre Group, which recovers it by expanding its production area.

Electro-Ceramic Company of Candal gradually ceased functions from 1987.

Stockist: Porto, Portugal

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