Gurulu Raksha (Devil Bird) Small Mask, Sri Lanka

Gurulu Raksha (Devil Bird) Small Mask, Sri Lanka


Material: Kaduru (Snake wood tree)

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Description: The Gurulu (Garuda Raksha) is the portrait of a mythical solar bird devouring a snake. The snake that is located above the bird face is called Naga. Gurulu is decorated with the enemy snakes as if they were a trophy. According to Hindu and Buddhist mythology, it is said that this bird was a "vehicle" on which Hindu God Vishnu rode. The mask is said to bring protection and good luck.

Condition: The mask has an eye on the back for attachment to a wall. The ear on the right side is glued (see photos).

Dimensions: 20,5 cm width, 16,5 cm height.

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